domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

UNIT 7 Listening Practice

Hi guys,

As you well know the school year will end in two months. Time is flying so we'd better not leave all the work for the last minute. 

Here you have some listening practice for unit 7: 

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017


Hi guys,

Here you have the instructions for the Oral Presentations starting next week. 

Let me know if you have any questions

sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017


Hi Guys,

Here you can check the date for your oral presentation. 

Access Burlington Interactive

Hi guys

Our final exam this term will be on Monday so I assume you will be all working on your revion by now. 

For those of you who didn't get you access code for the Interactive Access here it is:


This are the steps to follow:

1) Visit (student's zone)- Access Interactive
2) Enter your coupon code on your workbook
3) Register yourself, you will have to include your class code mentioned before. 
4) You can already start practising and revising

This is a really good website for you to practise and improve. 

Good luck with it.


sábado, 21 de enero de 2017


Hi guys!!

As we have talked in class several times one of the skills you should get more practise at is Listening and we will focus on that during this term .

That is why, here you have the link to download all the listening exercises you have on the workbook. 

Click on the picture below to download.

lunes, 16 de enero de 2017


Hi guys!! 

As you know during this term you will have to work in pairs to prepare a project that later on you will have to present to your classmates. 

Let's focus first of all on the written part of the project, here you can see what the project is about:

Remember you have to send the link to your project to your teacher by email not later than the 6th February. You can find my email address on the left side of the blog.

READY TO START? click on the image below